Our capacity to act is largely tethered to the everyday informational infrastructures with which we engage.
- Helen Hester

Simptom develops reprogramming strategies using scenario-based simulations of agents interactions.

The project is being prototyped on the site of Moscow-City International Business Center. Agent interactions inside MIBC are generalized to create a comprehensive map of these sites, capturing the way in which agents shape and distort them with their complex behaviours. Through each interaction inside the premises, the system classifies agents in four categories, human, machine, organization and space.

Built as a tool for both architects and planners, Simptom tracks how changes to default assigned programmatic spaces can alter attributes, such as tasks or communication between the agents and improve the overall functioning of space in terms of spatial distribution, pricing and user experience.

Tested on the site as a speculative case study, the project prototypes how complex behaviour patterns can be extracted and how unexpected scenarios can emerge through the software’s interface.

Known as Moscow City, Moscow International business centre development started in 1998 and it’s expected to be completed in 2020 as the first skyscraper development in Russia which combines offices, commercial, and residential in the same site.

Originally planned for completion in 2007, construction delays and sanctions have retarded this phase of the project, and while some of the buildings are yet to be built, several strategies for shifting their original programs have been developed.

However, with such complex interactive environments as MIBC, to foresee solutions without having practical means to simulate, and through that evaluate them, can have negative consequences.

Please, get in touch with us if you have any questions or want to know more about the project.


Simptom is ongoing project that initially was developed during The New Normal Programme at Strelka Institute.

Team: Denise Luna, James Kubiniec, Katya Bryskina, Pedro Moraes

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